With the arrival of summer, many students begin to ask themselves questions about how they can spend their holidays. The summer holidays can get dull and tiresome if you keep repeating the same activity. Although some people prefer to do nothing, others would use this period to take part in activities that schooling or working hours wouldn’t allow them to do.

There are many ways to be creative and make good use of time during the summer holidays, either indoors or outdoors. It could be a time for families to reconnect after months of tight schedules and late working hours.

Many people think that having a fulfilled holiday is costly. However, you can still have a fun-filled and productive summer holiday without spending much.  There are many pocket-friendly holiday options for you or your family to partake in together.

We present you with eight budget-friendly tips that you can make use of for a productive summer holiday. 

Plan and Budget

The first step when you are planning a pocket- friendly holiday, is to make a budget. How much money do you have, and how much can you spend out of it? If you want to borrow outside of what you have so that you can spend more time outdoors or travel, be realistic, you don’t have to do that. You can still have a remarkable holiday without accruing any debt. 

Write out a to-do list of your expectations this summer based on your budget. As a student, is there a new skill you want to learn? Write it down. Families can gather and make a list together, which can include painting the bedroom walls or teaching the children how to swim.

Learn a New Language or Take an Online Course

If you’ve wanted to learn a new language, summer is a good time to do this. There are free apps that teach French, Spanish, Italian, German, and many others. Besides, if you’re going to increase your knowledge or learn a new topic, taking cheap online courses is the way forward. 

You can use YouTube and other open online sources to learn a new skill or DIY project to undertake. Other skills you can learn public speaking, baking, playing a new instrument, dancing, cooking, web design, app development, and self-defense. 

Revamp or Redesign Your House/ Bedroom

There are a few things you can do to remodel your house, including painting the walls, rearranging, and tidying up all the rooms. You have time now to repair faulty appliances, restore your toilet, and refresh the kitchen yourself. As a student, use DIY methods to rearrange, repaint, decorate your room, replace bed covers, and window curtains to make it look different.  

Summer is also an excellent time to make plans. Refit your toilet, if there is a leak, check the plumbing. Winter will be approaching soon, clear out the gutters, inspect the roof, and examine the heater. If you don’t have one or it has to be replaced, invest in these cheap tank-less water heaters that are on-demand.

Visit the Museum, Take a Tour or Attend a Concert

Take a guided tour to a monument, historical place, and museum in your area. It would be fun for the whole family. Children and students will learn new things. Besides, it’s fun and a stress release technique.

Attend shows, gigs, and concerts with friends. Use this to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances.

Earn Money

Earn some money by applying for summer jobs. Approach local stores and shops in your area or sign up for online sites that hire during summertime. You can peddle your unused items gathering dust. Try pet-sitting, dog walking or babysitting to make cash. Get creative and think up ideas you can sell.

Dabble in virtual assistance, freelance writing, online advertisement, or resell products in your local area. All these will improve your communication, interpersonal, writing skills, and fatten your bank account.

Stay Home

Yes, you can stay home most of the summer if going out makes you tiresome.  You can catch up on your reading, write, play video games, and sew in the comfort of your home. Also, indulge in documentaries, Netflix, or a TV watching spree. Catch up on your favorite channels on YouTube.  Summer days are hot, and the rooms will heat up fast, consider buying an air conditioner that cools quickly for your home.

Reconnect With Family and Friends

Now, you have time for your family. Call, text, and visit old friends. They may not be seeing you for a long time, so value the moments you spend with them. Organize a dinner with your siblings and parents in which everyone contributes financially. Plan a picnic for friends or extended family, use this period to reconnect with them.


There are numerous volunteering opportunities in many communities all over the country. For instance, many aid organizations, non-governmental organizations, and hospitals will accept many volunteers during this period. Find a cause you have a passion for and support it.

Other low budget activities you can indulge in during the summer:

  • Start a blog.
  • Play board games.
  • Go fishing or to the beach.
  • Meditate and exercise.
  • Pick up gardening or photography.
  • Go hiking

This list provides meaningful and exciting ways to spend your summer holidays. You won’t be able to do everything on this list so, don’t forget to make your checklist and see which of them you’ve been able to achieve at the end of the summer.


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