Tips for Budding Artists to Keep Fit and Boost On-Stage Performance

Who doesn’t love being energetic?

The energy levels of sportsmen and athletes are something to marvel at. On the converse, we easily get tired simply by climbing a couple of floors in a flat.


Climbing over twenty floors would be a walk in the park for professional sportsmen and athletes.

What comes to your mind at the mention of the word “fitness” or “stamina?” Many people associate the two words with physical strength, but not mental exertion.
However, physical “stamina” or “fitness” is just as important as mental stamina or fitness. Mental aspects of stamina or fitness are known as endurance.
Stamina, fitness, and endurance go hand in hand.

Just like sportsmen and athletes, artists also need to keep fit and develop both stamina and endurance for heightened performance when on stage.

Although supplements and steroids offer an easy way to boost your stamina, fitness, and endurance levels, they aren’t natural means. Here’re a few tips to help you integrate exercise, diet, and lifestyle modification to improve your fitness, stamina, and endurance levels:

6 Tips to Help Artists Develop Stamina and Endurance for Increased Performance

Eat a Healthy Diet

It takes a healthy diet and physical activity to boost your stamina, fitness, and endurance levels. Nutritious meals energize and power your body to sustain effective exercise and workout sessions, especially if they’re strenuous in nature.

Opt for a high protein, low-fat diet that’s rich in raw foods.

Proteins boost muscle health. They include:

  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Pulses
  • Chicken

Healthy fats come from dark chocolate, fish oil, chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, and avocados. However, make sure you limit your good fat intake and avoid bad fat.

What’s your sodium intake? The body loses sodium through sweat when you engage in regular fitness exercises. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your sodium levels are always right; don’t let it drop to extremely lower levels.

Low sodium levels can lead to electrolyte imbalance, a condition responsible for making you feel light-headed and dizzy. Maintain optimal salt intake to ensure your sodium levels are right.

Add carbohydrates to your diet; they’re ideal for muscle building. Carbs also increase sugar and starch levels in your body for heightened energy, in turn boosting your endurance, stamina, and fitness level. Some carbs to consider include:

  • Pasta
  • Grains
  • Cereals
  • Brown bread

Make sure you eat several times a day. Instead of three large meals, plan for five small meals you can eat throughout the day. This keeps your metabolism running throughout the day, ensuring that there’s enough energy supply for various body functions.

Eating large meals makes your body slow and sluggish, hence not ideal for budding artists who want to boost their on-stage performances.

Never skip breakfast in your life because it’s the most essential meal in a day. Make sure you include fats, proteins, and carbs in your breakfast to eat a balanced diet.

Take Long Walks After Meals

Go for long, slow walks post meals. However, make sure you rest for about 20 minutes before you go out for the walks. This gives your digestive system time to process the food you just consumed.
You won’t just eliminate toxins from your body, but also build your endurance and stamina and thus fitness.

Before retiring to bed at night, make sure that you rest for about a couple of hours. Sleeping immediately post-dinner causes body fat to buildup. The gap of two to three hours increases your metabolism and improves digestion.

Engage in Physical Activities that You Love

Are you into yoga or dancing?

Choose what you love to further boost your fitness levels through increased endurance and stamina. Get motivated playing any of the following:

  • Tennis
  • Aerobics
  • Cricket
  • Badminton

A game like foosball can be a big hit with your friends. It’s portable and easy to set up, atop being easy to play. What’s more, you can play it at any time.

Workout or engage in your chosen physical activity or game for a minimum of 30 minutes daily, 5 days a week to maintain your fitness level. Be patient because it takes time to build stamina and endurance.

Warm-up before each workout or exercise session; stretch your body to prepare your muscles for the intense workouts ahead. This also helps treat injuries.

Consider weight training to further boost your endurance. Lift weights to train your muscles. Begin with lighter weights as you slowly increase weight every passing week of training.

Check your body mass index (BMI)

A healthy BMI ensures that you can stay active. Based on your weight, make sure that your BMI is 25 or below. Learn how to calculate your BMI to maintain a healthy number.

Limit your rest time to quality

Resting gives your body time to repair and heal after intense workouts. However, make sure you minimize the time you take to rest and reduce it gradually.

However, make sure that you get quality rest during the short time between exercises and workouts. Don’t strain your body beyond its limit; rest when you feel the stress is too much to handle. Get enough sleep at night to improve the quality of rest you get.

Getting enough sleep is key to healthy living and building your body stamina and endurance as an artist.

Go for a stamina test

Check your stamina level before and after your workouts to monitor your fitness level and performance. Assess your muscular and aerobic fitness, the composition of your body, and flexibility to ensure you maintain your fitness level.

Take note of the following:

  • The duration of your walks
  • Your pulse rate
  • Body mass index
  • Number of pushups you can do
  • Waist circumference

Retake the tests to monitor your progress. Join a fitness center or workout with friends to stay motivated. With the right plan, you’ll develop the stamina and endurance you need to improve your music performance on stage.


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