Growing up, I feared the eclipse from so many myths I’ve heard about it “Hey, don’t look at it you’ll and up blind.. “Don’t expose your skin.. “Don’t go out… During an eclipse of may 26 I was forbidden to go out. My husband said “The eclipse is dangerous for pregnant women. The eclipse for me is a mystery that would never be solved. For the past year I’ve seen people buy specialized solar-eclipse glasses.

A few months ago, my next door neighbor invited me over to her house. Her husband and kids seemed to be in such a rush. And yes in curiosity, I asked what was going on and of course when my neighbor Said there would be eclipse I wanted to run out that house into the safety of my horn. Moments later marry her son, popped up holding a welding helmet. My neighbor explained her husband and kids never waste their money on expensive Eclipse glasses. “Why waste so much money on those glasses when we could have some homemade ones.’ I was shocked. I was so worried about my neighbor’s children. When I got home, of course, I had to grab my computer.

The first thing I research was “How safe is it using welding helmet to view eclipse…And guess what I found out Its really not 100% safe, but it is usable For safety reasons NASA warns if it’s less than 12, don’t even think about using it to look at the Sun…Now that I think about it, I should go over to my neighbor’s house her children’s Helmet didn’t seem to meet the safety requirements. Those helmets seemed to have been sold 11. When I gave my neighbor the news she immediately called her kids. Together we looked for the helmet shading. 13 great they fit the requirements. “Mrs. Donald won’t you like to join us… I would enjoy anything with these kids.

BUT THIS Still they convinced me to stay. I wasn’t going to look up at the sun/moon. But to see them having so much fun made me feel left out So I joined in I was Scared at first, my thoughts were you’re going to get blind. Don’t do it. But you know what I faced my fears. The helmet was a little heaven on my head. But hey, I SAW THE ECLIPSE. What a view. That experience I will never forget. The rays of the sun beaming from the dark circle trying to overtake its power. Since those experience years have now past.

I currently own a welding shield. And you won’t guess who is now looking at the eclipse every time it pops up. Yes me! And I gotta confess I love it My neighbor’s kids no longer live with her. But we still sit together on those days that the moon takes control of the sun with our welding shield in hand and enjoy the view. Remember, if you want to see an eclipse with Welding shields it must be no less than 12 and no more than 14.